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Multi-Generational House

The brief was to create a highly sustainable house for a family of four, contributing to the UK’s pledge to be net zero by 2030. This is to be explored both from an embodied and operational carbon approach with the use of a whole life-cycle carbon assessment. The family want the opportunity to downsize or permit other members of their family to share the house with them in the future. This flexibility was achieved with two dwellings that could be joined or separated as required.  Initially, a single family home is proposed with a separate maisonette flat which will be rented out.


The south London site is in a conservation zone and occupies a disused car park. An opportunity exists to create a meaningful design that connects the diverse neighbouring buildings, improving the street-scape and addressing fly tipping and graffiti issues present on the site today.

Client:           Private
Location:       South London
Status:          Planning
Team:           Jack Carter Architects with

                     Sustainability / MEP: Max Fordham

                     Structures: Conisbee
Size:             290 sq m



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