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New Museum of Carthage

Our proposals for the New Museum of Carthage imagine a democratic and accessible place to be enjoyed by everyone; sensitive to and enhancing the outstanding quality of its setting, and providing facilities which conserve and bring to life a unique collection.
Enabling the establishment of a cultural centre for the citizens of Carthage, the people of Tunisia, and visitors from all over the world, this will be a place to learn, work, share ideas, and have fun; and through this find new perspectives and new ways of understanding each other and the cultures which shape our world. The site, its oral history, and its people are part of the universal story of the birth of civilisation; a story of myth, memory, trade, restoration and the origins of culture. 
Our concept and strategy follow the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG), fulfilling a wide range of obligations for a truly inclusive global place. The project will support wider economic prosperity and can become a benchmark for engagement with schools, universities, academic and cultural institutions.
Our proposal strengthens the identity of the UNESCO World Heritage site, a new incarnation of this historic place for everyone to enjoy. We celebrate Byrsa Hill’s global significance as the “largest monumental landscape in the Roman world”. It will be at the heart of local and global cultural life, a beautiful gateway to civilisation, the city of Carthage and the country of Tunisia.

Client:          Tunisian Ministry of Culture
Location:      Carthage, Tunisia
Status:         Competition
Team:           Carter Gregson Gray


                     Haley Sharpe



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