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Mobile Office Support Hub​

JCA have published details of a mobile office support hub, a concept to support health and wellbeing while working from home.


The idea came about in response to our practice working at home while designing workspace which was all about well-being, health and collaboration. While we will definitely be returning to the office at some point, there will others who may not due to changes in how organisations work.


During the pandemic, the focus has been on technology, making remote working secure but if this is to become a long-term option, we feel more needs to be done on supporting staff outside the office. The Office Support Hub is based on new proprietary electric vehicle technology which is being rolled out across the logistics sector. JCA propose designing bespoke mobile office support vehicles, for medium to large organisations across the country.


However, we do still see still see a need for the office HQ. Supporting the home workplace environment can only ever be part of the solution and there will always be a need for collective engagement such as staff training, sport, childcare and social activities.

You can download our report here:



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